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Why Does Takis Powder Make Everything Taste Better?

Among all the things on our menu – from freeze-dried candy to dulces and enchiladas – perhaps the most popular product is our takis powder. It is not the original powder made by the owners of the Takis brand, but it's pretty darn close. And for some odd reason, it seems to make everything taste a lot better. But why?


We all love spicy food. It is in our DNA. But we don't like spice just for its own sake. We want our spices to enhance the flavor of the foods we add them to. Maybe that's the secret behind takis powder. It not only gives food a nice, spicy kick, but it also brings out that food's natural flavors.


Then again, takis powder might make food taste better to you simply because you like things hot. No worries! Get your hands on some of our takis powder and put it on anything you want. Mix in with all your family recipes or try creating a new recipe of your own. It's all good.


A Mexican Snack Food


You might not know that the Takis brand started out as a snack food introduced in Mexico in 1999. Its original name was Taquis, and it was fashioned after the well-loved taquito. The name was eventually changed and Takis and was introduced in the U.S. in 2004.


You can still buy the original snack food in dozens of flavors. You can also buy a variety of takis powders made by companies like ours, powders intended to replicate the taste of the original as much as possible.


You should know that no generic takis powder is exactly the same as the original. We don't know the original recipe, nor would we be allowed to copy it without permission. But our design team does have taste buds, and they have a pretty good idea of what makes Takis taste the way they do.


Typical Takis Powder Ingredients


In case you are wondering, we are not going to give away our recipe either. That doesn't mean we won't share some of the ingredients in a typical takis powder. It starts with chili powder. That much should be obvious. Along with the chili powder, some recipes call for a bit of habanero powder and cayenne powder.


These three powders given the final product its spicy punch. For the record, you could mix-and-match the powders to your own liking if you were making takis powder at home. Each one has a slightly different taste that affects the overall flavor of the finished recipe.


To complete the takis recipe, you would add some sea salt and something to give a slightly lemon flavor. Some people use straight lemon powder while others use lemonade or a lemon lime drink powder. Mix it all up and bang! There you have it.


A Definitive Mexican Flavor


The thing about takis powder is that it gives any food a definitive Mexican flavor. It doesn't matter if your recipe isn't an exact copy of the original as long as you have the main ingredients. You get a little bit of heat, some salty freshness, and the zest of the lemon-lime to take things over the top.


Every culture's cuisine has its own unique flavors. A big part of Mexican cuisine is the chili. That's what takis powder is all about: capturing the flavor of the chili in a powder form so that it can be added to all sorts of foods. We hope you will try our takis powder along with some of the other items in our store. We think you'll find them exceptional.