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Yes – You Really Have to Try Freeze-Dried Candy

We have been selling things like chamoy and spicy candy since we first opened our doors. Now we are proud to say that we are also offering freeze-dried candy as well. Freeze-dried candies are the hottest thing (no pun intended) in the Mexican candy market. Even though freeze-drying candy isn't a uniquely Mexican thing, our community seems to love it.


We admit to being biased. We have no problem saying that you really have to try our freeze-dried candy. We'll bet you haven't tasted anything else like it. If it doesn't put a smile on your face with every burst of flavor, then you can consider us surprised.


The key to all that flavor is the actual freeze-drying process. For the record, we didn't invent freeze-drying candy. It has been a thing for years. Rest assured that the results are absolutely killer though. Like we just said, you have never tasted anything quite like freeze-dried candy.


More About Freeze-Drying


The point of freeze-drying is to dehydrate a food product. Here's the thing: there is more than one way to dehydrate food. One of the more common processes involves applying heat with the intent of evaporating all the water content. However, this form of dehydration actually changes the molecular structure of some foods. Rehydrating those same foods doesn't tend to go well.


Freeze-drying is different. First of all, you are not using heat to dehydrate the food in question. You're actually reducing its temperature to the point of freezing. Then you use a process known as sublimation to remove the water, which is actually ice in a frozen product.


Without getting too technical, sublimation is a process that transforms solid ice into a vaporized gas without forcing the frozen water to go through a liquid state. The result is a means of dehydrating food with less of an impact on the food itself. That way, when you rehydrate the food in question, it still looks and tastes just as good.


It Melts in Your Mouth


That brings us to the process of freeze-drying candy. One of the most annoying things about candy is that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. That is why, over time, candy tends to get less appealing if it's not eaten. It is really a sugar thing. Sugar molecules bond to oxygen molecules and create a nasty mess.


If you put certain types of candy in the refrigerator to preserve them longer, you don't necessarily stop the water absorption process. You just delay it. Over time, constant exposure to colder temperatures can dry out certain kinds of candies to the point of making them unappealing.


Freeze-drying is the solution. When you freeze-dry certain kinds of candies, you preserve their flavor and texture. Pop a piece in your mouth and the saliva essentially rehydrates the piece as you are eating it. You get the sensation of the candy actually melting in your mouth.


Even Hard Candy Works


You can freeze-dry many different types of candy, including gummies and Skittles. Even hard candy works. Amazingly, freeze-dried hard candy will melt in your mouth just like anything else. It is quite an interesting sensation to experience. And as for the flavor, it is incredible. If we didn't know better, we would be convinced that freeze-drying hard candy brings out all sorts of new flavors you can't otherwise taste.


Needless to say, freeze-dried candies are now on the Chillto Loco. We invite you to order some today. If you have never tried freeze-dried candy before, you are in for a real treat. You may just decide it is the best ever!